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As a school we aim to ensure that all children leave us prepared for the world as ‘Global Explorers’ equipped to develop any talents they choose. Being ‘spiritual’ is one of the Big Ideas in our curriculum. Throughout the school we provide multiple opportunities for children to reflect and respond to a variety of music genres. Singing and song are integral to day-to-day life at St Nicholas; it provides the children with the chance to connect with God, to connect with their own spirituality and to support their mental health needs.

By the end of the Foundation Stage we aim to provide children with a repertoire of songs they can sing with confidence including traditional nursery rhymes. By the end of Key Stage One our aim is to provide children with the ability to use their voices creatively and to experiment with a range of instruments. Once children reach the end of Key Stage Two it is important to us that they can perform individually and in an ensemble and with a broad knowledge of music history. Ultimately, all children will leave St Nicholas with the achievement of performing regularly in front of their peers or larger audiences through vocal or instrumental performances. This is vital to us as a school to help develop their creativity and confidence alongside our Christian Value of perseverance. 


Lessons are structured to correspond with the national curriculum for music.  Lessons include:

  • Listening and appraising – children are exposed to a range of music to develop a love of music.
  • Musical activities – these may include singing, playing instruments, improvisation and composition
  • Performing – children share what has taken place during the lesson and work towards performing to an audience.

Progression from Early Years, through KS1 and into KS2 is planned carefully to ensure continuity across all year groups.

Progress in Music is monitored continually by staff using an assessment checklist directly linked to National Curriculum. 

Singing is something that is very important at St Nicholas. It is often through song that we come together as a community and our school song is a beautiful way to remind us of the value of friendship and kindness. All children develop their singing skills during daily worship and class activities, while some children extend this by joining the school choir in our lunchtime club.  Children also have the opportunity to perform songs in either the Nativity performance for Early Years and Key Stage 1 or an end of year performance for Key Stage 2.

Children are given the opportunity to listen to a wide range of music from different composers and musicians from different periods of time during daily worship, learning a little about the history of the music, composer or musician each day.

St Nicholas School also provides the opportunity for children to access peripatetic lessons in strings, woodwind brass and piano

Music Progression

Music Curriculum Journeys - Years A and B

A Wonderful Operatic Experience

Many of our children and parents will recall the visit we received from the professional opera singers and the fantastic workshop and performance that followed.  After this most successful visit we were then fortunate enough to receive a second visit, please see below.

Released: 19th November 2019

Guess what happens when professional opera singers spring a surprise visit to our school? This!!

"This is the best day of my life"

(pupil aged 6)

Organised by Wiltshire Music Connect