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Physical Education


At St Nicholas School, we aim to ensure that all children leave us prepared for the world as ‘Global Explorers’ equipped to pursue any career they choose. Our Physical Education lessons are planned and taught in line with the National Curriculum and allows our children to be ‘skilful’ and ‘resourceful’ as well as experiencing different opportunities which allows them to be ‘aspirational’ for their future. As a school we aim to ensure that all pupils enjoy, succeed and excel in physically demanding activities and competitive sport. We provide opportunities for pupils to develop key skills and become physically confident in a way, which supports their health and fitness.

Our Physical Education curriculum is progressive and allows learners to work towards the big idea of ‘skilfulness’ by developing their abilities in specific sports fields, which build from Foundation Stage all the way through to year six.  The success of our curriculum is seen in many of our pupils’ who go on to participate in sports teams and groups outside of school.

Physical Education sessions at St Nicholas are a fantastic opportunity for those children who are experienced in a particular discipline, to demonstrate their abilities to their peers and to take a leading role, modelling their skills and providing demonstrations. This enables the children to work towards the big idea of ‘resourcefulness’ by learning from their peers and equipping themselves with the skills they need in order to improve.

Physical Activity is so important to a child’s physical and mental development that we strive to ensure that every child has an opportunity to participate in extra-curricular sports clubs and local cluster competitions. Instilling positive attitudes towards physical exercise and competitive sports at a young age can create healthy habits for life.

Physical Education at St Nicholas