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The 6 Big Ideas

Curriculum Launch for Children

Term 1: Skilful Day

Being Skilful Docs

T2: Spiritual Day

Spirituality Day Worship

Term 3: Be Resourceful

Term 3: Resourceful Day

Sienna: Being Resourceful means persevering when things get tough. Like when you write a story and it gets tough but you don't get up even though it takes a long time. 

Hattie: At our school we Learn, Achieve and Grow together. You have to listen to your team mates to be resourceful.

Eva: Friendship is an important part of being resourceful. You have to be kind and respectful to each other and that helps you achieve more. 

Lucas: We did loads of really fun stuff like making sculptures out of spaghetti and marshmallows. It was tricky but we worked together as a team.

Term 4: Creative Day

Creative Day Photos

Term 5: Be Aspirational

Finlay: Aspirational day taught us what being Aspirational is all about. It means 'Loving to Learn' and 'Being the best that you can be.'

Joe: I want to be a puppy breeder when I'm older.

Bella: I want to be a vet

Tilly: A scientist came in and showed us his crazy robot and he showed us a plane which flew around the school hall. It was amazing. 

T5 Aspirational Day

Aspirational Day Photos

Term 6: Be Worldly

Brooklyn: We learned how to talk in another language. Issa's Mum taught us Swahili.

Logan: We got to eat delicious amazing churros. Me gusta churros!

Charlie: I enjoyed tasting the food, except the gazpacho!

Bella: The Queen's Platinum Jubilee activity was fun because we got to design our own deserts.

T6: Worldly Day

Worldly Day Photos KS1

Worldly Day Photos KS1